Food and drink

We’ve talked a little about our beer already, but we can never talk too much about a good thing. And our beer is fantastic. As is our food.




The great thing about our beer is that it is brewed on the premises of each and every one of our pubs, and that it is not pasteurized.
Pasteurization is good for killing of bacteria. But it also kills off good bacteria, which means that you get less taste. If you like cheeses you know that the French have many wonderful un-pasteurized cheeses that taste much better than the others. This is because the milk that was used to make the cheese has not been pasteurized. The
same principles can be applied for beer.
Just ask any Brazilian, because they know exactly how great un-pasteurized beer tastes. In fact, in Brazil, un-pasteurizes beer is considered a delicacy.
And it is widely available.
Un-pasteurized beer is fresher, much fresher, than normal lager. And since we make
our beer on the premises, our beer is even fresher that other un-pasteurized beer. We brew beer constantly and if you enter a Hammer and Tong pub you can be sure that the beer you’re drinking is not more than a few days old at the max.


Micro Brewery

Each and every Hammer and Tong pub is also a micro brewery. That is why every pub manager we have also needs to be a beer-master. Such is the importance that we place in our beer.
Thanks to new technology it is possible to safely and efficiently produce the beer that is needed on the premises. And our proximity to this process is quite unique. Differently from most other micro breweries we only make lager, and we only serve this lager un-pasteurized. This means that the beer is that much more enjoyable.
Fresher, really, thank any other beer.
If you haven’t already tasted our beer, have a go right now. Find out where your local
Hammer and Tong is located, and have a taste.




We are an Australian pub, so we love food. And we BBQ everything, including salads and sandwiches. It really makes for some tasty snacks and meals, so make sure you try us.
Oh, yes, did you know that we grill soup as well? Not?
Wel l try our grilled tomato soup next time you stop by. It will blow you away.