Hammer and Tongs is a chain of pubs that offers many events all through the year.

Quizzes are one of the most popular activities in any pub, and a main focus for us. But we have other events, not least literary events and events related to food and drink.

Read more about them right here.



Most people love quizzes, and this is especially true for pubgoers. This is why we arrange one quiz session each week, always on the same day: Thursdays.
If you’re not physically in the pub you can still participate by using the app. Our quizzes are meant to be of medium difficulty, so most people will find that they can take part.
We do offer a few pro-versions of our quiz nights, but this is not on a weekly basis.
Check with your local pub for more info.


Our mini lectures have become very popular, and we now offer them on a variety of subjects. Not least literary lectures. They can be all kinds of lecture, maybe the presentation of an author, or even just reading from a particular book.
We also offer themed literary lectures, for instance crime, romance, etc. When it
comes to other subjects like food and drink we offer many events and lectures, as well, not least on beer. Beer is one of the main feature of any pub, and Hammer and Tongs has a very clear idea of what is a good beer.
Most people do not know too much about beer making, so our goal is to offer many mini lectures on this.

Casino Tournaments

We love casino games, particularly blackjack and slot machines.
And with our fantastic app playing casino games have never been easier.
You just open the app, choose a game and play. If you win your winnings will go straight to your account with us. You can use the winnings to pay for products in our
pubs, to play more, or you can choose to get them straight to your personal bank
account. This is great as cash is no longer needed.
We do arrange many different casino tournaments during the year, and the app is a vital tool here.
Check with your local Hammer and Tongs to see exactly when your next casino tournament is being


We love beer, and we particularly love un-pasteurized lager. This is a type of beer that is virtually unknown in Europe, Australia and the US, but we want to change this. We serve our beer straight from the vat, without the unnecessary step of pasteurization.
This makes a smoother, sweeter, tastier and fresher beer that does not give you that bloated feeling. Because of the special nature of our beer we offer many events, not least beer tastings.
Check with your local Hammer and Tongs to see the schedule.


Hammer and Tongs is an Australian chain of pubs which is why we focus on grilled food. We grill everything, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, even sandwiches.
And if you have tasted our fantastic frilled salads and grilled sandwiches you’ll never want to go back to an ordinary one. In our food events we teach you many tips and tricks for how you can achieve the same results at home.
Check with your local Hammer and Tongs to see which events you can look forward to.