About us

Hammer and Tongs is a chain of pubs created by the famous casino veteran Tim Bray. Bray has been one of the world’s leading blackjack players for a very long time, and he was the one who started the first Hammer and Tong pub 15 years ago.

That was in Melbourne, Australia.

And at the time there were no smartphones or apps, but the Melbourne pub was the first pub to focus on slot machines. And at the time of opening the Melbourne Hammer and Tongs offered 45 different slot machines in all categories.
Our pubs still offer more that just a few slot machines, at the very minimum you’ll find five slot machines in each pub, but we are famous for our fantastic casino app. So now you can play a slot machine even if you’re not in the pub, or continue the very slot machine game you’re playing when you go for a slash in the toilet.

Tim Bray

Tom Bray is Australia most famous casino owner. Although these days he has sold off most of his land based casinos in favor of online casinos and slot machines in his chain of pubs. Tim got started with gambling at the tender age of 16.
And at the time it was particularly blackjack that was his interest. He perfected his
game with the aid of memory techniques and is one of the best card counters in the
business. Thanks to this fame, however, he soon b ecame banned in most casinos. So he switched games and started playing poker.


His poker career was even more successful than his blackjack career, and he managed to win most of the tournaments that he participated in. Including one of the first world series tournaments that he ever took part in. This launched him onto the world poker scene, and he became one of the top ten players.
A position that he held for almost a decade. In his home country of Australia he became very famous and it was in the last three years of his active career in poker that he opened up his first Hammer and Tongs pub in his home town of Melbourne.
“I just wanted a nice pub that I could hang out in,” he said to newspapers and magazines at the time.


Tim Bray is a beer fan, and after a trip to Brazil in connection with a casino opening and a poker tournament he got a taste for the local beer chope.
Chope is a Brazilian specialty and it is a type of beer that you normally don’t find outside the country. The beer is light and easy to drink, with an extremely fresh taste, not leas thanks to the fact that it is un-pasteurized.
This was exactly the kind of beer Tim wanted for his own pub, but the only way of making sure he could get his hands on fresh chope each and every week he had to open his own brewery.
So he did that, and he installed a micro brewery right in the pub, making sure that the beer (chope style) was a fresh as possible.
Straight from the tank to the glass. Oh yes!