This is the webpages of the
casino themed pub Hammer and Tongs.

One of the most interesting chain of pubs
to come out Australia over the last decade. And now we’re located in the UK as well!
If you have any questions about what it is that we’re doing, simply have a look around here.


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Hammer and Tongs is the chain of pubs that offers slot machines and other casino games in a nice app. So now you can play on the Mobilbet slot machine of your favorite pub even though you’re at home. Visit your local Hammer an Tongs pub to get the app with a free bonus consisting of 5000 free spins and a voucher of 10 pounds that can be used for the other games such as poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette.
At Hammer and Tongs you will get the best beer available, brewed with the best water there is. And we can guarantee this as we make all our lager beer ourselves, as each and every Hammer and Tong pub is also a micro brewery. The great thing about the Hammer and Tong lager is that it is un-pasteurized. This means that the beer has not been exposed to pasteurization, like the majority of beer today. Think of it as a sign of superior quality, because pasteurization is a process where a lot of flavor is killed off. Un-pasteurized beer tastes fresher and slightly richer that regular beer, and once you’ve tasted your first glass of pasteurized beer you will never want to go back to any other beer.
The Experience
Hammer and Tongs is all about great, un-pasteurized beer plus the pleasures of playing on slot machines that offer huge playouts. It’s excitement and relaxation at the same time. At any one of our pubs you’ll find a huge amount of slot machines for you to play on. These are slot machines that are specifically made for Hammer and Tongs, and are adjusted so that they have a higher pay-out rate than most other slot machines. That means that you win more often here. And even if you don’t win you will always stay refreshed thanks to the extraordinary beer we serve on the premises

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